New Name + New Loom + New Photos


Well it’s a been a couple months years since I’ve posted anything on here. A lot has changed since my last update:

  • My shop is now under the name West Domestic. I have business cards and a logo and everything! All branding was perfected by my friend and designer Hannah Ashford.
  • I spent all last summer selling (or hoping to sell) at craft fairs and stores in Kentucky and Ohio. Definitely glad I tried out the market scene, but I soon decided that’s not where I want or need to be right now. Hats off to all you folks I see set up at every maker’s market! I for reals don’t know how you do it.
  • I left my nanny position, fumbled around with part time jobs for a bit and am now working full time at Barnes & Noble as a Children’s Lead Bookseller. Reading kids books is now part of my job and I LOVE it.
  • I recently purchased a 60″ loom from the lovely Dee of Herron in Chicago. So thankful I can make full size afghans and not just blankets for kiddos and slim folks.

To help celebrate all this newness, my friend Christy and her husband stopped by for the day and we were able to snap a few studio shots! I love Christy’s work and I was super excited when she asked if we could take new photos. I added some plants, paint and love to my studio recently and it’s finally a place where I like to work. Christy captured that perfectly.



That beautiful embroidery hoop with my logo was made by Stitchingood, a fellow Kentucky maker. I think it was the largest custom order she had ever taken on and it turned out exactly as I pictured!

The past year has taught me the importance asking for help. From God, and from the people He’s put in my life. I’ve accepted that I can’t do it all, and that’s okay because there is always someone out there who is happy to do it and can usually do it better than I dreamed! I’ve slowed down on production and therefore sales have slowed, but I’m happier with the quality and aesthetic of my work compared to where I was last summer. I’ve found a good place for West Domestic to be right now.

This year I’ve been focused on getting West Domestic goods into local shops (currently I have a few things at Herb & Willow in Berea) but I’ll be updating my Etsy shop soon. So keep an eye out for more handwoven treasures and more words from this corner of the inter-webs.